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Founded in 2004, Shopmetrics is a company that offers technology platform solutions to mystery shopping and market research providers worldwide. Today Shopmetrics is a global organization with offices in North America and Europe. With over 80 full-time, dedicated developers and product specialists we are committed to providing technology that is the industry benchmark in mystery shopping and market research.

Our products such as the Shopmetrics mystery shopping platform, MobiAudit mobile scheduling and data-collection app, and Surveo survey collection and reporting suite are in use in over 80 countries worldwide. Together these tools provide a fully-integrated suite for online and offline data collection, storage, delivery and analysis. Our clients realize significant cost savings and efficiency improvements as they utilize our products to achieve maximum control and insight into their critical daily operations.

Mission and vision

Shopmetrics' mission is to help our clients improve business performance through service excellence. We are committed to serving the mystery shopping, market research, and other related service-improvement industries around the globe by providing comprehensive enterprise-class software solutions, service excellence methodologies, and research concepts.

Shopmetrics' vision is to become the vendor of choice for customer service and quality evaluation software. We believe that the data collection process should be able to constantly adapt to changes and consistently provide business value. We empower decision makers by providing real-time, accurate, and reliable data. Shopmetrics helps mystery shopping and market research companies of any size better manage strategic assets such as information, business processes, and people using our online suite of integrated tools.

We provide tools for online and offline data collection, storage, delivery, and analysis that give our clients more control and insight into their mission critical daily operations. This translates into the ability to better understand and reduce bottlenecks, meet deadlines, identify best-performing shoppers and fieldwork agents, and provide the end client with more qualitative analysis and knowledge about their business – not just data. We accomplish this using a secure, integrated platform deployed over the web that is equipped with automated workflow services for survey generation, scheduling, data collection, validation, analysis, and reporting.

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