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Shopper Profiling
How easy is it to locate your best shoppers for a project that has many and complex requirements? With the advanced shopper profiling tools you will find in Shopmetrics you can easily:
  • locate a group of shoppers that matches any criteria you may have, including a combination of:
  • demographics, rotation, performance, training and certification, extended properties and many more items
  • search for and spot trends in your shopper database
  • drill down to your list of shoppers and run performance and other reports on it

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Shopper Coverage Analysis
With our shopper coverage analysis you can quickly locate low coverage areas and focus on them from the outset of your shopping campaign. Our shopper profiling tool combined with the shopper coverage analysis gives you the most advanced shopper allocation capabilities available today.
  • Run Coverage Analysis for a predefined shopper profile or for a profile that you create on the fly.
  • Enjoy multiple level drill-down capabilities.
  • Zoom, pan, move or tile the map, drill down into a list of shoppers and identify and explore problematic geographical areas.
  • Auto adjusting color-coding maps, tool-tips displaying the number of shoppers, location and project details help you better visualize your shopper allocation alternatives.
Shopper Training and Certification
Do your project requirements change so frequently that it is hard to keep all your shoppers re-trained and re-briefed? Can you get ahead of your competition and guarantee your clients that your shoppers will be specifically trained and certified for their project? Do you want your system to do all this automatically, so you concentrate on growing your business?

With the Shopmetrics versatile training certification system you can not only certify your shoppers in a particular client's process but also keep skills fresh for all aspects of mystery shopping. This allows you to better utilize your shoppers database by cross training your best shoppers on additional clients.

With the Shopmetrics shopper training and certification you can:
  • Deliver target training materials to your shoppers
  • Test and certify shoppers for specific projects
  • Use the training and certification results to automate your auto-assignment process
  • Significantly increase the quality of your reports with almost no additional effort
All this built in and available with your Shopmetrics system.

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Shopmetrics Learning Center
Our comprehensive learning center provides you with all the tools you need to train your staff to successfully run your projects on the Shopmetrics platform. It is always available interactive training portal that will be there to ensure your projects are run efficiently and cost-effectively. Lots of videos and hundreds of documents are available along with advanced search capabilities. With the Shopmetrics Learning Center you get training when you need it, in the format you prefer to have it.

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Client Dashboard
Your clients want to get access to all information with a minimum effort. With the introduction of the Client Dashboard and the Geospatial Analysis Portal a couple of years ago, we delivered two powerful visual presentation tools of multiple performance indicators at a glance.

We have now improved these tools, adding capabilities that go far beyond the simple drill-down. With our new drill-through capabilities you can not only get to the next level of the data, but also pull all standard and custom reports with a simple mouse click over a region or data point.

A "World-Ready" Platform
The Shopmetrics platform offers a vast array of globalization and internationalization options that makes our product perfect for multinational operations. Some system highlights include:
  • Multilingual support for any language throughout the system
  • Support centers in USA and Europe provide around the clock coverage of your operations.
  • Utilized by mystery shopping providers in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia for over 9 years.
Shopper Grading Portal
Allow your shoppers to see a detailed breakdown of their grades online anytime.

Client Login and Security Import
Take complete control of security in your database. Import your clients' entire security structure in minutes.

Reports Visibility
You can now make even the most demanding client happy. Pick and choose what reports your each user sees.

Automatic Job Notification Emails
Free up your schedulers to focus on more difficult locations. Shopmetrics provides you with fully customizable email functionality to notify your shoppers of available shops, as well as those that have been assigned to them. We have replaced the most common emails with automatic event based emails.

Executive Dashboard
The 'Executive Dashboard' is an operations management tool intended for use by system administrators and project managers. This dashboard allows users to monitor the life-cycle of client surveys via simple interactive graphs. Regular monitoring of the dashboard can not only help ensure the timely completion of your clients' surveys but also help identify delays between the shoppers submitting completed surveys and the delivery of those surveys to your clients.

Message center
Post important notes to clients, shoppers or internal staff with the Message Center.

Extended Shopper Profile
The extended shopper profile gives you unlimited capability to customize your shopper registration and profile.

Searchable Shopper Database
A powerful yet easy to use shopper search interface allows you to browse through your shopper database by a virtually endless combination of over 100 search fields.

Shopper Testing & Certifications
Shopmetrics provides system administrators with the ability to setup custom certification tests for shoppers. Certifications can be used to pre-qualify shoppers for specific mystery shopping opportunities to help ensure that only the best, most knowledgeable shoppers are assigned shopping opportunities.

Custom Client Properties
Shopmetrics provides you with the ability to create and manage client properties that can be used to segment report data based upon the individual client needs. Rather than forcing all of your clients into viewing reports based upon fixed region and district fields, give your client report filtering and grouping that is tailored to meet their needs.

Automatic Email Delivery of Completed Surveys to Your Clients
Create and manage export definitions that can assist you with automatic delivery of completed surveys to your clients. Each client can have their own export definition, allowing you to customize email content and delivery times to meet each client's individual needs.

Flexible Survey Scoring
Shopmetrics` question editor allows you to create a virtually endless number of answer groups and answer point values for the surveys you create. You can even take advantage of multiple-select and bonus/penalty questions.

Shopper Worksheet View
Your shoppers have the ability to view and print a basic copy of a survey that has been assigned to him/her. This condensed version of the survey form allows your shoppers to take the survey on the road with them, so they can fill out the critical information while it is still fresh in their minds.

Multimedia Shop Summaries
An open HTML format for shop summaries allows you to add document, image, and video/audio links to your survey summaries. Provide your shoppers with the information they need to get the shop completed right the first time.

PocketPC and Desktop Client
Shopmetrics allow your shoppers to access and fill out their assigned surveys from virtually anywhere, even in places where they can`t access the internet. Downloading and installing MobiAudit™ desktop or PocketPC versions, shoppers can sync MobiAudit™ with your online Shopmetrics database while connected to the internet and then venture out into the world.

Tailor Your Own Shopper Grading System
Create and maintain a grading system that is relevant to your business and that is meaningful to your schedulers.

Automatic Scheduling Assistance
Create predefined shopper profiles to assist with survey scheduling. Shoppers who match the profile criteria can be permitted to self-assign specified shops or restricted from applying for particular assignments.

Supports Survey File Attachments
Shopmetrics allows shoppers to upload documents and images directly within surveys. File can not only be attached at the bottom of the survey form, but also attached to specific questions on your surveys. As well, photos and other image files are displayed directly on the screen and when printing.

Media Explorer
Shopmetrics provides you and your clients with an interface to search and browse all of the file attachments at once, without having to open individual surveys to access them.

Location-Specific Instructions
Not only can you provide standard summary information to the shopper that has been assigned a shop, but you can also include summary information that is specific to the location that has been assigned to the shopper.

Survey Packaging
Use survey packaging to group together multiple surveys that are part of the same visit, or perhaps attach a less desirable shop to a more popular one. Packaging bundles the multiple surveys together so that they are distributed and tracked as a single assignment in your Shopmetrics database.

Assignment Acknowledgement
Enable the assignment acknowledgement feature to requiring that your shoppers log into your database and click the "Accept Assignment" button before completing an assignment.

Client Dashboard
The Client Dashboard provides your clients with an at-a-glance, graphical view of their survey results. Each user can position and configure individual snippets on the dashboard to best meet their individual needs. Additionally, users can use the standard search interface to filter the information that is displayed on the dashboard.

RFA - Request for Action
Provide your clients with an online interface for reporting problems with particular surveys. RFAs are tracked and easily accessible online, directly within your Shopmetrics database. The ability to create and RFA can be enabled or disabled for individual client users.

Pay Information Tracking and Export
Shopmetrics includes a built in pay module to help you track base pay and reimbursable information for your shoppers. You can then download pay information in a readily available "QuickBooks" format, or request that a custom format be created for you.

Internal Job Board
The Open Opportunities job board allows you to post available shops to your database of shoppers. Shoppers can then apply for the assignments and have their application reviewed and approved by your schedulers before the survey and the related assignment are given to the shopper.

Advanced Rules and Scripting for Surveys and Questions
While Shopmetrics has a number of built in rules and events to help ensure your shoppers fill out surveys properly, each survey and question can be tailored to meet a specific need.


Shopmetrics Enterprise 2013 significantly streamlines your scheduling operations with the industry’s most advanced automated workflow.


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