Achieve ULTIMATE EFFICIENCY and PRODUCTIVITY across your business. Fully automate your mystery shopping operations. Spend less time managing your company and more time growing it.

From measuring performance to driving change

Shopmetrics NEXT is the ultimate service excellence platform for mystery shopping, market research, audits, and experience management, enabling your business to implement modern industry concepts and best practices. The most advanced tools for measuring performance and gathering customer feedback are coupled with an integrated toolset to help your clients drive real change and continuous improvement through Action Management.

Enhanced user experience

Shopmetrics NEXT delivers completely redesigned and streamlined Client Analytics, Shopper Portals, and Project Management. The improvements made in these modules dynamically changes the user experience and adds unparalleled new efficiencies to your business processes.

Streamline operations. Improve productivity.

Shopmetrics NEXT leaps beyond service and performance measurement to directly enhance and streamline your company’s operations. Constant platform enhancements ensure optimal use of your resources and operational productivity.

Shopmetrics NEXT delivers all the tools you need to drive change and develop a culture of service excellence in your organization, all using one integrated platform. This enables you to achieve your ultimate productivity efficiency and realize the highest possible return on investment (ROI). Explore the core process areas of Shopmetrics NEXT.

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