RETAIL and Compliance AUDITS

Full-spectrum audit solutions to maximize opportunities, mitigate potential risks, and boost performance

Compliance Audits

External and Internal Audits
Photo Audits

Price and Promotions Audits

Competitor price and promotion checks
Price and promotions execution audits

Stock Availability Audits

SKU counts

Share-of-shelf and product facings

Space allocation audits
Planogram compliance

Use Shopmetrics Audit solutions to:

  • Audit compliance with corporate standards to ensure consistency in the customer experience
  • Audit compliance with regulatory requirements, safety, and quality standards to eliminate problems before they become costly liabilities
  • Measure the execution of key brand activities to maximize their effectiveness and identify new opportunities
  • Monitor product availability to minimize lost sales
  • Monitor competitor's price and promotion activities to identify opportunities and ensure competitive activities take place
  • Monitor share-of-shelves and product facings at the store level to identify new opportunities

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