The Service Excellence Platform

Shopmetrics CX is the core of the CX Suite, an integrated ecosystem of products covering your full operations. Service a wide spectrum of projects: Mystery shopping, Internal audits, Retail audits, Telephone/web audits, In-store demonstrations, Micro-gigs, and more.

Field Portal

You have users in a wide palette of business roles, with different functional and visual preferences. The all new Field/Shopper Portal offers various design and configuration options to aesthetically please your users.

  • Packages of jobs are VISUALLY displayed
  • Easily IDENTIFY the assignment type
  • Focus on the ACTION

CX Analytics

  • Visually articulate the brand behind the data for the best personalization experience
  • A NEW ACTION BAR with a summary of prioritized KPIs that immediately reveals potential issues in key business areas and allows drill-down for further analysis
  • Calls-to-Action for continuous improvement, focusing on what is important for the stakeholder

Shopmetrics CX

The Core of Your CX Operations:

  • Responsive design for a consistent user experience
  • Optimal navigation on various form-factors
  • Functions are adapted across devices and screens

Actionate Action Management

The new AD-HOC ACTION PLANS feature provides management a tool for immediate action directly from management dashboards. Management can easily assign areas that require attention to the appropriate staff.

The new APPEALS feature provides staff a tool for submitting corrective actions and curing low scores. Ideal for store managers.

Aptivate Microlearning

Proficiency needs to be at its peak at all times. From Training and Certifications to Continuous Learning for staff and clients, Shopmetrics NEXT is equipped with brand-new Microlearning capabilities with Active Feedback for fast, instant remediation and reassessment throughout the learning process.


  • Device-agnostic survey layout - fitting any device form factor
  • Seamlessly switch devices mid-survey without re-entering data
  • Complete surveys even without an active internet connection
  • Engaging, interactive question designs for improved response rates
  • Auto-save protects against data loss during collection
  • “Resume later” - complete a survey across multiple sittings

Dataverse CX

The CX Dataverse™ is a prospect and sales research tool, a repository of consumer-related places of interests (stores, restaurants, etc.)

The CX Dataverse provides place details:

  • Name
  • Brand
  • Geolocation
  • Store Features
  • Industry & sub/micro industry
  • Competitors

It utilizes a proprietary AI-powered technology to gather data from a variety of sources and organize this data into a comprehensive "Universe of Data".

Future enhancements will include sample-based insights into the CX performance of major regional brands based on online reviews.

Partner Network

The Partner Network is an ever-growing group of providers on the Shopmetrics platform who can partner with you on their global or special projects, or assist you with yours.

The Collaboration features of the Shopmetrics system allows Partners to easily set up data transfers between each other. Primary Partners have complete control over what parts of their projects they choose to outsource to their Secondary Partner(s).


GigSpot connects companies that do fieldwork such as mystery shops, demonstrations, merchandising, and audits with independent contractors. With GigSpot, companies maximize recruitment, keep scheduling costs low, and ensure quality.

Companies using the Shopmetrics® platform benefit from automatic, deep integration with GigSpot for all aspects of fieldworker and job management - for no additional cost.

GDPR and Personal Data Protection

  • ISO-Certified Processes and Quality
  • GDPR-Driven Privacy Management Toolkit
  • Flexibility in Personal Data Residency
  • Comprehensive Personal Data Governance
  • Detailed Legal Compliance Package

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