Field Portal

What is Field Portal

The Field Portal facilitates all fieldwork data collection activities, enabling your field users to find and complete jobs at home or on-the-go, on any device.


From Strictly-Business to Extra-Fun – Choose Your Own Portal Design!

You have users in a wide palette of business roles, with different functional and visual preferences. The all new Field Portal offers various design and configuration options to aesthetically please your users.


Streamline Your Signup Process

With our latest updates, we have laid the foundations necessary to deliver a new and improved Shopper Profile and Signup, following best practices in user experience design.

  • Streamlined to guide the user through a simple and quick registration with minimal actions required
  • Applies GDPR principles of Transparency and Data Minimalization by collecting only essential details at initial point of contact
  • Removes known Shopper conversion barriers by collecting data in a single screen
  • Is a major step towards a complete remake of the Shopper experience in Shopmetrics
  • Can match your corporate look and feel to deliver a branded,
    stylish, and modern experience on PC and Mobile devices


  • User-focused design
  • Streamlined application process
  • Superior in speed and performance
  • Emphasis on the next action
  • Dynamic on-screen instructions
  • Informative banners and shortcuts

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Field Portal is part of the Customer Experience Excellence Suite (CX Suite) by Research Metrics - a fully-integrated closed-loop quality management platform using the industry-leading A4 Methodology.

Give your business an end-to-end efficiency boost and automate your business processes from Fieldwork, through Operations, to Delivery.

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