Shopmetrics CX

The core of your CX operations

Consistent on Desktop and Mobile

  • Responsive design for a consistent user experience
  • Optimal navigation on various form-factors
  • Functions are adapted across devices and screens

Simple to configure

Build process-specific views with an Intuitive Applet Builder:

  • GUI-based with various authoring options
  • Instant preview-as-you-build
  • Modern design enables easy adoption
  • Consistent and intuitive user experience

Process-Driven Design

  • Navigation logically follows your business processes
  • Important process KPIs are prominently displayed and color-coded
  • Related records and data are easy to access


Boost Your Operational Efficiency

  • Administrator Restricted role
  • Shopper self-reschedule capabilities
  • Improved rotation/assignment quota logic
  • "End Date" survey field
  • Improved scheduling dashboard


Express Your Own Style

  • Device-agnostic survey layout - fitting any device form factor
  • Seamlessly switch devices mid-survey - without re-entering data
  • Complete surveys despite losing internet connection
  • Engaging, interactive question designs for improved response rates
  • Auto-save protects against data loss during collection
  • "Resume later" - complete a survey across multiple sittings

Discover the product ecosystem that streamlines your operations and boosts your efficiency.

Shopmetrics CX is part of the Customer Experience Excellence Suite (CX Suite) by Research Metrics - a fully-integrated closed-loop quality management platform using the industry-leading A4 Methodology.

Give your business an end-to-end efficiency boost and automate your business processes from Fieldwork, through Operations, to Delivery.

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